Veterinary Services

Baseline Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

Baseline Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, offers a long list of high-quality veterinary services.

Veterinary Services from Our Veterinarian

Our veterinarians, Dr. Jim Guirges, Dr. Sylvia Domotor, and Dr. Cindy Lopez, oversee a large staff here to help you. Our team includes veterinary assistants, registered veterinary technicians, boarding assistants, a pet stylist, and more. Our staff helps ensure we can offer every service from grooming to surgery at our animal hospital. We even offer a safe boarding experience for dogs and cats. Keep reading to learn more about the services that we offer for our furry patients. 

Veterinary Services In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

At Baseline Animal Hospital, we offer a selection of veterinary services. All of our treatments are performed by veterinary professionals under the supervision of Dr. Jim Guirges. Some of the many services we offer include:

Veterinarian examining a cat

Pet General Health Exams

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person feeding dog preventive tablet

Pet Preventative Care

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Cat wearing a cone after surgery

Pet Surgery

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Vet checking for microchip implant on cat

Pet Microchipping

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A dog sitting on table at clinic

Pet Bloodwork Testing

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A person brushing cat's teeth

Pet Dental Care

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Vet Talking to Dog Owner at the Clinic

Pet Spaying & Neutering

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cat wearing cone

Pet Soft Tissue Surgeries

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A happy dog sitting beside door

Pet Vaccines

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cat on an x-ray table

Pet Digital Radiology

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Vet applying laser therapy to dog

Pet K-Laser Therapy

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A vet filling medicine into a bottle

Pet Pharmacy

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Veterinarian examining cat

Pet Phovia Therapy

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senior cat laying down

Pet Euthanasia

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Pet kennel room

Pet Boarding

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Dog getting haircut from grooming salon

Pet Grooming

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A black dog resting on a couch next to a laptop


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